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Frequently Asked Questions

How much cash do I need?
Your lender will estimate this amount at application. You will need enough for down payment and the various closing costs.
Do I need to make the maximum income?
No. The amount of income you need to qualify will depend on the size of the mortgage you want. Your total household income can not exceed the maximum income. Maximum Income includes all members of the household, 18 years of age and older who have an income.
What can I afford?
Your income and debt will determine the amount for which you qualify.
What is a down payment?
The difference between the sales price and your mortgage amount.
What is Settlement?
This is when you sign all of the loan documents and you become the owner of the property.
What are Closing Costs?
Closing Costs are various lender, legal and recording fees paid at settlement.
What is Pre-approval?
It is a firm commitment by the lender of credit approval. It is given to you prior to finding a property.
What is Pre-qualifying?
The lender evaluates how much you can afford based on your income and debts prior to finding a property. It is based on information you give and may not involve a credit review.
Are the MPDU and HOC’s Homeownership Programs the same?
No. The MPDU Program and HOC’s MPP are two different programs run by two separate agencies. HOC offers financing for all eligible persons through our MPP program. Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MPDUs) are affordably priced homes – both new and resale – offered to first-time homebuyers who have a moderate level of household income.
Should I get a home inspection?
Yes. HOC requires one for all resale properties. A home inspection report identifies potential problems, items that need to be repaired or replaced, an estimate of the useful life of major systems and equipment. Your contract should be contingent upon your home inspection.
Is an inspection the same as an appraisal?
No. An appraisal is for the lender’s evaluation of the property value. An inspection is for your information about the house.
If all goes well, how long from contract to settlement?
Barring no complications, the loan process should take between 30 to 60 days.
Can I use my Housing Choice Voucher to purchase a home?
Typically no. However, if you have been in the FSS (Family Self Sufficiency Program) for 2 years or more and have an income of $40,000 and above, you may be eligible to participate if you are one of the randomly selected families chosen by HOC.
Is HOC also located in other counties throughout the state of Maryland?
No. HOC financing is for properties located in Montgomery County only. If you plan to purchase a home in another County, contact that County’s local housing authority to inquire about their homeownership programs.
I am still not sure what to do.
Feel free to call HOC at (240) 627-9798.
Should I come to HOC to complete an application?
No. All of the paper work is handled by the participating lenders.
Will I get the same rate from all of the HOC participating lenders?
Yes. Rates are determined by HOC and only participating lenders have HOC financing. To get HOC’s financing, you must use a lender that is participating in the program.
What if the lender does not return my call within a reasonable time?
Kindly allow 7-10 business days for a response. If the lender does not call you within that time frame, please feel free to contact any of our other lenders or call HOC (240)627-9798.
What will the lender need?
  1. Most recent (3 years) signed Federal Tax returns of all borrowers.
  2. Most recent 2 months bank statements.
  3. Verification of all liquid assets.
  4. Employment/Income verification.
  5. Two most recent pay stubs and two years W-2’s (needed for all household members whether on the loan or not for eligibility determination)
  6. Prior bankruptcy, provide copy of petition.