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  MPP Income Limits and Sales Price Limits 


New Maximum Income Limits
(eff. 4/5/2023)

One Person $119,532
Two Persons $170,760             
Three or More Persons $199,220
New MPP Maximum Sales Price
(eff. 4/2023)

New Maximum Loan Amount 
eff. 4/2023


Conventional/FHA loan amounts may not exceed the lesser of or the insurer/guarantor’s maximum mortgage amount. Maximum loan amount may only be exceeded by the FHA UFMIP.


  • Household income cannot exceed the maximum limit for the household size as of settlement.
  • These income limits are separate from the income limits of the MPDU programs.
  • For Montgomery Properties ONLY, sales price cannot exceed the above amount. 
The definition of income for determining eligibility is: the gross annual rate of income of all members of the household that will occupy the property.
The household income does not have to remain below the limits forever. After settlement, there is no limit on household income.
Household size refers to the number of people (adults and minors) who will live in the property as of settlement.