Porting A Voucher to Montgomery County


If you already have a voucher issued from another jurisdiction, you may be able to "port" your voucher to be used in Montgomery County, Maryland.
You must first notify your caseworker at your current housing authority, who will determine your eligibility to port. If eligible, your current Housing Authority must mail or fax your portability packet to HOC. Do not bring your paperwork to HOC. Send the packet to:
The Housing Opportunities Commission,
231 East Deer Park Drive,
Gaithersburg, MD 20877.

The fax number is: 301-949-1665. Please note that HOC's PHA code is MD004. Send paperwork attention to Nitin Gupta.

The current subsidy standards are as follow:

  • The single head of household will be assigned a bedroom
  • The head of household with a spousal relationship will be assigned a bedroom
  • Beyond the head of household, two persons regardless of age or gender would be assigned one bedroom
  • Live-in aides are provided a separate bedroom
HOC is currently billing for all portable tenants at this time. (Information current as of January 2012)
You will receive a letter within two weeks of HOC receipt of your portability paperwork from your current Housing Authority. The letter will include your appointment with the HOC staff member who will issue your voucher.

This information is also available on a telephone hotline. Call: (240) 627-9797 to reach the Portability Hotline.